Monday, 15 October 2007

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Comments, questions, agreement and disagreement, debate

This blog offers opportunity to comment upon what is written here – and indeed upon what other readers have already commented. Please feel free to comment openly and frankly upon what you read here (whoever wrote it), ask for corroboration or further information, agree or disagree, argue, let there be debate.

How to contribute

There is a link for COMMENTS at the end of each posting. Click on this if you want to contribute, then follow the simple instructions.

Language of postings

You may post a comment in whatever language you feel most at ease in. My own language of choice is English and I am very aware how constraining it is to express one’s thoughts in another language – so feel free.

I know how lucky I am in that English is currently the world language for exchanging technical and professional information. If you do chose to comment or debate on this blog in a language other than English, do remember that there is a wider audience out there. You might wish to add a sentence or two at the end just to sum up what you have just said.

Freedom of expression

Feel free too to express what you think. Avoid obscenities and statements that might be regarded as libellous. The publisher of a website is legally liable for whatever is published there, whoever has written it. If you want to libel people on the Internet then please set up your own blogsite – it’s very easy to do – then they can sue you direct rather than me. If you do consider setting up your own website, with the intention of possibly libellous postings, then I recommend that you do so outside the United Kingdom where this site is based, choosing a country with more relaxed laws about libel on line. The United Kingdom has unpleasantly restrictive libel laws.

There can be not simple guidelines to what you can publish on the Internet and what you can not. In most cases anyone with an iota of sense can see what is reasonable and what isn’t. If I do not think a posting reasonable in this respect then I shall probably just delete it – though sometime it might be fun to leave it up but in edited form.

Please, no whinges about ‘censorship’. This blog is private property, the facility for comments grants open house and I shall treat visitors here as my guests, with respect. If the analogy helps, think of this blog as my front garden on the Internet. If I see litter, offensive material or other rubbish left there I shall just clear it up.

Anonymous postings

I have no problems over people’s submitting anonymous postings. It would be wonderful to live in a world where people feel free and proud to stand up alongside what they think and say, taking credit or the blame, and being openly responsible for the position that they advance.

Unfortunately we do not all live in such a world. Many of those who read this blog will come from the world of Conductive Education, in which openness and critical debate have not always been governing traditions. Rightly or wrongly, some might fear that expressing their own views on topics of current interest might, for example, affect their chances of finding services for their children, or finding jobs for themselves. It is a small world, in which experience might tell then that they might face discrimination, harassment or even bullying for their views, now or in the future. One has to respect such fears and acknowledge the possible realities behind them. Disenfranchising victims will in long run serve only to cover up and thus protect bullies and bad practices.

All the same, come on – stand up for yourself where you can, push the envelope. Posting a comment on this blog is hardly an ‘I am Sparticus’ moment…

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