Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Parent to parent in Florida

Powerful new website on line

Still photographs, however cute, make a poor and potentially misleading way of conveying the processes and outcomes of Conductive Education. Moving film and video marked a major breakthrough and have been an essential tool in the public interest that has resulted in the internationalisation of Conductive Education.

Recent technological advanced have democratised this medium to the service Conductive Education centres. As is generally the case in Conductive Education, it has been individual families that have taken the lead in this, through their personal sites, blogs and social networks such as YouTube. Now local centres (most of which are parent-led) are beginning to adopt this means to supplement their text-and-picture websites, to help in the recruitment of clients and raising public support.

Last spring web technology company, CTV Technologies Inc., donated an informational web site to one such centre, the Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO), Florida, (slogan ‘See what a child can do’). This month it has made a further such donation, bringing the centre to the forefront of applying this technology in the field of Conductive Education.

CECO’s additional web site functions as an Internet TV channel and allows the organization to upload its own self-shot videos, with the capability for full-screen viewing. The site already has nine videos on line. They give the center and its parents a way to connect much more directly with other parents who are looking for services for their children.

The footage includes some commentary by a brace of enthusiastic paediatric neurologists (sample quote: ‘one of the best programs available’). Nice too to see two conductors, Alexandra Gaudi and Judit Moncz, speaking up personally for their work.

This really does look like an important way of the immediate future for the popular and professional communication of Conductive Education of the Internet. It is of course free to do this on YouTube etc but a professional service will cost: CTV Technologies estimated that together the two sites created for CECO are worth around US$15,000.

You can judge the value of this for yourselves.



Laura Brost, Thanks to CTV, kids benefit from 2 Web sites, Orlando Sentinal, 28 January 2008

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