Saturday, 12 January 2008

UK: conductor pioneer becomes charity trustee

Megan Baker House appoints Tünde Rózsahegyi

Megan Baker House is a Conductive Education charity providing in-house, outreach and training services, concentrating to date on children but soon to begin adult services as well.

Tünde Rózsahegyi is a senior lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Wolverhampton. In 1992 she was one of the first conductors in the United Kingdom to take up a permanent salaried position and in 1997 one of the first to teach on the conductor-training course that the Foundation established at its National Institute. Two years ago she became the first conductor in the United Kingdom to hold a tenured university appointment and her position as a conductor serving as a Trustee on the board of a Conductive Education charity is probably a first too.

Such a lot of firsts: Gratulátok, Tünde!

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  1. Kedves Tünde! Mi is szívből gratulálunk a kinevezésedhez.

    Emmi és Gyuri Belfastból