Tuesday, 12 February 2008

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Leiticia's and Norman's

Educação Condutiva - com amor

You may not read Portuguese but even a quick glance at Educação Condutiva – com amor shows that this is something else. Blog-writer Leticia Búrigo is the mother of young twins with cerebral palsy and has set up her own Conductive Education centre in the South Brazilian city of Florianópolis where she lives. Her blog breathes life, an enthusiastic, ebullient mix of her experiences in Conductive Education, her reflections upon the meaning and implications of the approach, translations into Portuguese of technical materials originally in English materials, poetry, photographs, lively and plentiful comments from her readership – a veritable Brazilian carnival of Conductive Education.

Small wonder that a web search for “Educação Condutiva” comes up with Leticia’s blog as Number 1 at the head of a growing list of hits, ahead of all the professional sites, the newspaper articles, the directory results and all the flotsam of Cyberspace. In fact, enter “Conductive Education” (in English) and search the Portuguese pages only, and you will find her blog top of that list there too.

It was seeing what Leticia was doing on her blog that finally tipped me into starting my own. I only wish that I could blog like Leticia blogs! Just to look at it makes me feel the warmth of the Brazilian sunshine and the power of her enthusiasm…


Norman Perrin

Norman’s blog teases out and exorcise some of the issues that he struggles with both as a parent of a young adult with cerebral palsy and one of the longer-serving leaders of an organisation providing Conductive Education services in the United Kingdom (and that means anywhere).

The sort of things that concern him are the egregious ignorance of motor-disorder amongst decision-makers and bureaucrats responsible for providing the services and just what it might be that he would have them know. As I write, his latest posting, 'Pirate on the beach' (7 February) well exemplifies these concerns. A cross that he has to bear is being a ‘chief executive officer’ in the bullshit world of charity-management. It’s a pleasure for me to read postings on being a 'CEO', reminding of just what it is that I am missing – and more, reassuring me that it’s getting worse by the year!

Norman offers thoughtful and serious communiqués from the long haul, on both the family and the organisational fronts, warm, tolerant and often uncomfortable, just as it is.


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