Thursday, 14 February 2008

Isten Hozott / Welcome back

Pető Institute opens a window

The Pető Institute in Budapest has published its first English-language webpage following its major reconstructions.

The Pető Institute’s website was republished in a new format in the New Year, in Hungarian. It looks like there are plans to publish at least some of it in English, German and Russian too.

The Institute has new management and a refurbished building. The first English-language webpage advertises short courses for non-conductor professionals, an ideal medium for demonstrating more fundamental changes for those who attend.

In the meantime, presumably there will be a steady increase in material published on the site in languages accessible to the wider international community – for which the most important questions relate to conductor-training.

Information please

For the forseeable future the Pető Institute will remain the major source of the world’s conductor workforce. Correspondingly, the world outside Hungary will comprise the Pető Institute major ‘purchaser’ of this product.

Numbers – is ‘production’ to be maintained

Foreign students – what are the plans?

Qualifications – graduates, teachers, or what?

International employers – what do they really need?

Still ‘international’?

Do you remember ‘Kremlin-watching’? In circumstances where such as thing is necessary, people grasp at the tiniest hint, the tiniest nuance, to try and understand what is going on. Here’s one. The Pető Institute’s new website no longer calls the Institute Nemzetközi – ‘International’. And fair enough, most other institutions in Conductive Education around the world serve an explicitly national or in most cases local purpose.

Rightly or wrongly people around the world had gotten used to referring to the ‘International Pető Institute’ and what this implied. The implications of a change in emphasis would be interesting to know.

Are, for example, 'international activities' to fall more under the rubric of the International Pető Association?

To use a ghastly bit of management-speak, like it or not the Pető Institute has gained a hoste of stake-holders around the world.

They might think they should be told.

The new website makes a start at filling a yawning information gap.

Isten Hozott.

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