Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Small world

Quick returns on the Internet

My posting ‘Parent to parent in Florida', made on 29 January, referred to the excellent video website of the Conductive Education Centre of Orlando, donated by CTV Technologies Inc. On 31 January I was delighted to see my posting reappear lightly tweaked to suit a new context, released in the form of a press release put out by CTV Technologies public relations company, PT.com:


By then I had already commented on a further example of direct parent-to-parent communication via the Internet, by parent blogger Jacolyn Lieck – see my posting of 30 January, 'Pee-pee, poop: Let's do the Happy Dance!!!!' A later posting on Jacolyn's blog tells me she and daughter Grace attend the Conductive Education of Orlando of Orlando:

Generation Y

Small world, in which two examples of the same trend pop up within a few days of each other and within the same week. Coincidence? In part, yes it is. In part, however, it contributes to my position that Conductive Education is inexorably entering a new stage in its development, with an economically advanced, computer-savvy place like Florida almost inevitably in the van.

Parents have always taken a lead in the international spread of Conductive Education but now in 2007 a new generation of young parents is taking up the CE gauntlet, the children of the baby-boomers, members of Generation Y, ‘digital natives’ (rather than ‘digital immigrants’ like the previous generation).

It is not just parents, of course, who represents this new generation. It is conductors too – and other professionals. Given time it will be the bureaucrats as well. An interesting new world. … and an ever-smaller and faster one.

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  1. Hi Andrew! Love the blog! It is so informative. Grace is attending CE in Dallas, TX at A Child Can Do All Things (accdat.org). We just finished a 4 week camp and will be attending again in April (see lieck3.blogspot.com for update)
    Jacolyn Lieck