Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Economic recession, or even depression

A tipping point for Conductive Education?

Sub-prime mortgages, credit crunch, job losses, falling house prices, bank failures, stock exchange turmoil, devaluation, inflation, the flight to gold, recession, depression… aren’t you just sick of the news?

Maybe you are already affected. If you’re not, you’re probably wondering, worrying whether you soon might be. This goes for where ever you are, for all our economies are inextricably interconnected now. You can run, but there’s nowhere to hide.

What about Conductive Education? After all, like most other things, it depends on money. Public and private budget cuts will effect funding for services, and research, household finances, charitable giving… with knock-on effects for jobs, salaries, expansion plans, and the sheer availability of Conductive Education to its potential beneficiaries.

Couldn’t happen, did you say? Common sense and prudence aside, we have the example of the last recession. There are plenty of people in Conductive Education who can remember the collapse of the ‘big-institution’ plans (not just in the West but back home in Budapest too). More personally, they can remember the painful experiences of redundancies, pay cuts, diminished terms of service, staffing levels, new restrictions upon practice etc. that were the price of holding on to jobs. Remember ‘downsizing’?

Out of this pain and disappointment there emerged the much smaller-grained pattern of providing Conductive Education that has been the norm for the international conductive movement for most of its international period. Will economic stringencies now bring about further qualitative change in the provision and practice of Conductive Education?

It might never happen but, if it does, remember, you read it first here.

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