Wednesday, 12 March 2008

GPS 2115

Strategic planning in Norway

The national Conductive Education organisation in Norway, the Norwegian Forum for Conductive Pedagogy, began life in 1996. What once seemed only distant dreams can now be taken for granted as facts. These include establishment of its PTØ-Center in Hamar and its base in Stavanger, both incorporated into the national habilitation service for children provided by the Norwegian health service, and the establishment of a rolling programme for young Norwegians to undertake conductor-training at the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham, England.

The first of the new generation of young British-trained Norwegian conductors is now working back in Hamar. In September there will be two more working back in Norway and thenceforth a slow but steady Norwegianisation of the Forum’s conductor workforce.

The dreams are coming true. Time therefore, writes the Forum’s Chairman, Tor Inge Martinsen, to create a road map to help navigate the Forum’s future path – or, to use a more modern gadget – a GPS.

This will involve re-creating Conductive Education ‘in Norwegian colours’ and working to integrate this new indigenous provision within the framework of existing national services for disabled children and their families.

First consultation

The strategic plan now in its early stage of preparation is called GPS 2015 and a small working group has already met twice to move it forward. The Norwegian Forum for Conductive Pedagogy is a parents’ voluntary organisation, like so many others responsible for the spread of Conductive Education around the world. Unlike most of these, however, it receives considerable financial support from the state.
It also partakes fully in the Norwegian national tradition of openness and public participation. GPS 2015 will receive its first public discussion at a study day at Losby Gods on 19 April.

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