Monday, 3 March 2008

Mea culpa

Clarification on Ranger Foundation Trust and SecondSTEP

First-hand clarification from Adel Sopronyi reveals that things are not as they were stated in my previous posting. I had put two and two together and made three. Thanks, Adel, for your prompt clarification.

The program in Switzerland is called 'SecondSTEP' and does not have the same roots as the Ranger Foundation Trust.

SecondSTEP in Switzerlandwas founded by Adel and is a private organisation altogether separate from the RFT. Adel is working towards getting Conductive Education better known in Switzerland, where secondSTEP is the only centre where children and adults can receive CE all the year round.

The 'Mauritius project' is run by the Ranger Foundation Trust (RFT), founded by Lance Ranger with the aim of providing Conductive Education in Mauritius. RTF is also working on a linked project to open a school for disabled children. These two projects will work together to provide education and therapy in one place. Adel is co-ordinating these projects. At the moment the Trust employs one Hungarian conductor and a local occupational therapist who is participating in the Conductive Education programmes as an assistant. It is planned to employ a second conductor from September 2008.

I think that I have it clear now. The RFT's’s website will be updated shortly informing fully about the services at the Mauritius centre.

It is human to err and I am very glad to correct any errors that I make. Adel knows that I'm not psychic and I appreciate her quick intervention. Do please let me know when I make factual errors, and where it's a matter of opinion do please take advantage of the Comments facility at the end of each posting.

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  1. Andrew, thank you very much for the clarification! Best regards, Adel