Monday, 17 March 2008

Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United...

Sheffield Schmeffield

On 23 February I reported how on the following Wednesday Sheffield City Council would finally make a decision in the long-running saga of the of PACES Conductve Education centre. In this I posed a hardly original question:

Why, oh why do existing official bodies (almost everywhere) make so little effort to stimulate and cherish the fragile flower of Conductive Education, seeming sometimes instead to hunt out every (for them) minor difficulty that might be placed in its way?

I added:

Have a look at Norman Perrin’s blog for the latest episode in this toe-curling story of bureaucratic obstructionism.

Perhaps ‘maladministration’ would be a better word in our supposedly brave new world of joined-up services, statutory-voluntary partnership etc, etc). Keep an eye out later in the week, to see whether Sheffield City Council finally does the decent thing.

On 25 February Norman Perrin posted a Comment on that page, to say that he had now learned that the relevant Council committee would discuss this matter 'in March, possibly on the 12th'.

Later the same day he added a rider to this, writing that his endeavour would be better characterised by the name of Sheffield's other football team:

Meant to add that although your posting is headed 'Sheffield Wednesday', what we are really seeking is to embed conductive education as nearly as possible within the mainstream system - so 'Sheffield United', as it were.

Nice one Norman!

On 13 March Norman published a futher bulletin on his blog.

Read it and weep.


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