Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Business abroad, charity at home

Polyglot website for Moira

Moira, the long established international Conductive Education consultancy service, based in Budapest, Hungary, has recently extended its website. This is now published in fourteen languages: English, Hungarian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

The site’s listing of Moira’s previous operations over the years offer concrete illustration of where and how Conductive Education services have been provided around the world across almost the whole period of internationalisation.

This now extensive site announces upcoming courses in Budapest (for children and for professionals) and products available through Moira (books, furniture, apparatus).

Moira Conductive Education Centre:

The Foundation for Conductive Pedagogy

Moira’s new website offers a small insight into the adequacy of state services for disabled children and adults in today’s Hungary, through Moira’s ‘Foundation for Conductive Pedagogy’.

Since 1993 this Foundation has organised free or sponsored Conductive Education sessions for underprivileged Hungarian children and adults, parents and carers, who would otherwise be unable to access Conductive Education. Their accommodation in Budapest is also sponsored by the Foundation during the time of their attendance.

The Foundation also runs special appeals. Last year’s was to buy a second-hand mini-van and have it adapted to take a wheelchair. This van was for the use of disabled poet Zoltán Vitó who as a boy years ago attended the old State Institute under András Pető. The Foundation now helps maintain the van, which enables Zoltán to get out with his family, and has helped publication of a volume of his verse.

Foundation pages in English and Hungarian only (A "Konduktív Pedagógiáért" Alapítvány / Foundation for Conductive Pedagogy:

The Foundation’s Appeal in English

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