Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Ignorance and fear

An everyday vignette from CE practice

I was recently talking with a conductor who was telling me about a meeting that she had been to that was also attended by a 'physiotherapy manager'. The manager lady had been most positive. She said:

I don't know anything about Conductive Education so I don't have any nasty preconceptions about it.

That's nice, but what does it show? That the lady had come to the meeting to represent a physiotherapy department where to know anything about Conductive Education was de facto to think 'nasty things' about it.

Then the conductor noticed that I was writing down what the 'manager' had said:

Don't put my name on that!

I can see why my conductor said this, I know the world that she comes from, but how can people in Conductive Education communicate about their problems, never mind act to do anything about them, if such an important everyday event cannot even be discussed, for fear of...?

Fear of what?

It doesn't matter what, fear is fear.

I shall be returning to both themes introduced here, in later postings on Conductive Education World.

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