Monday, 7 April 2008

Parkinson's Awareness Week

But weak on Conductive Eduction

Parkinson's Awareness Week is upon us in the United Kingdom and the Parkinson's Disease Society has published a major survey.

'Key findings' of this considerable piece of work include:

Access to Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialists is the top campaign priority for people with Parkinson’s and carers living in the UK. But still over a quarter of people with Parkinson’s in the UK have never talked to a Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist.

Although access to therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech language therapy is improving, the majority of people with Parkinson’s are still not being assessed for or receiving therapies to help them manage their condition

The complete report is available on the Society's website, and very revealing it is too about the level of need amongst the people and their families living with this condition. But 'nurses', therapies such as...', worthy of expansion and improvement as such services may be, isn't this very much the mixture as before?

Medical research and development for Parkinson's must be one of the most powerful running health stories in the world's press. What about something more radical than simply 'nursing' and 'therapy'?

What about Conductive Education?

Perhaps my examination of the Society's report was too cursory (it was published only today) but I spotted no mention of the new paradigm represented by Conductive Education. (I would happily stand correction over this.)

It must be twenty-five years since the Parkinson's Disease Society first heard of Conductive Education. It is twenty-four years, almost to the week, that the Society sent its first representitive to Budapest to report back direct to the Society. Since then I cannot estimate how many Society members and their families have experienced the benefits of Conductive Education, how many branches of the Society have taken part in CE programs...

What's the problem?


Results of the UK’s largest ever survey of people with Parkinson’s and carers:
Parkinson's Disease Society, Life with Parkinson’s today – room for improvement, 7 April 2008

For a recent and strikingly similar circumstance, with respect to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, see:

Andrew Sutton, Multiple Sclerosis: not yet on radar, Conductive Education World, 28 March 2008

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