Friday, 30 May 2008

Hope for adult centre in New South Wales

Australian parent-pioneer plans adult services

'Life ForCE', life for CE

Sue O’Reilly (Corrigan) was an early Australian parent-enthusiast. She and her family went to live for many years in England to access Conductive Education for her daughter. Now she is back, with plans to create a conductive rehabilitation service based in Sydney for adults and their families/carers.

As a first step she has established the David O’Reilly Foundation in memory of her late husband David to support this project financially, with an initial target to raise A$1million over the next 12-24 months to ensure the proposed three-conductor project's financial viability for at least three years.

Sue stresses that she is only at the beginning the long hard process of raising anywhere near enough of the the large sum of money needed for a secure start but an accountant is already working on charitable status and January 2009 is penciled in as the start date for the first conductive programme. Sue cautiously calls it all a 'wistful dream', but is determined to move quickly to concrete reality.

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