Friday, 30 May 2008

Public-school pilot in Prince George’s, Maryland…

…but only if parents fund conductor

More details on the Sixten’s Foundation's plan for an exemplary Conductive Education program within the US public-school system (see item of 27 May).

Apparently the new Superintendent of Prince George’s County (Maryland) Public Schools, Dr John Deasy, has granted approval for a pilot Conductive Education program. The Kurz family, who are behind Sixten’s Foundation, hope that if successful this would spark a broader acceptance of Conductive Education nationwide.

The catch? The parents and their Foundation will have to pay for the conductor required to run this scheme. If they do find the money, the project could commence in September.

Dr Deasy seems a bit of a whizz-ding, always in the Washington Post and other media. The Kurz family is not the only one pinning hopes on him for effective change in the Prince George’s school system. You never know…

Good luck.


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  1. Finding money for educational projects is always a challenging issue. I've been involved in some very small projects myself - such as a web page with comprehensive contact information called "Prince George's County public and private schools" - and finding the time to update it essentially comes down to money. I'm also pinning hopes on Dr. Deasy for effective change in the Prince George’s school system. One thing is clear - effective change certainly is needed!