Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Strong response on Xavier

What do you think?

Amanda Elliott from Conductive Education Support services emailed over the weekend to tell that she had tried to place a comment on Conductive Education World but, though she has a Google account, the system would not recognise her password.

Here is the comment that she wanted to post

I would like to comment on the Xavier thread if I may, not to make a political statement, but rather to put across my point of view.

I have been aware of and personally involved in the work at Xavier since 1995 and I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that the work they are doing at the school is something that all of their staff members should be proud of.

Their techniques on behaviour management are to be looked up to as I have seen no other school which follows procedures with such consistency and effectiveness as in Xavier.

Many of the children at Xavier have profound and complex needs which ‘traditional’ Conductive Education projects may not even attempt to support.

I think that it is very easy to judge others work from the outside without knowing the full background of how services operate, the challenges which the management and staff face on a daily basis and the issues surrounding getting Conductive Education accepted and respected as a valuable system for success.

The school has been determined to follow the ethos and high quality of the practice of conductive pedagogy despite of all the challenges they had to face for more than a decade. They had to work with the already established system and ensure that despite of all the regulations imposed by the local authorities they stayed true to heir belief in CE. The proof of their success is the multilevel improvement of pupils and satisfied, happy and empowered parents. The parent support at Xavier is quite remarkable.

Of course I am probably biased that Conductive Education is the best system for supporting children and adults with neurological and related conditions, but I think it is important that we respect the work of others, especially if we do not know the complex issues which surround their provision.

If Xavier closes then Conductive Education will vanish from Queensland, which to me is a great shame.

Xavier to me, demonstrates professionalism, compassion and dedication in the most dynamic and wholesome way.

The practice of Conductive Education is indeed physically, emotionally and psychological exhausting at times and I believe that Xavier needs all of the support and encouragement they can get from the Conductive Community as it is about time that they had some proper recognition for their hard work.

Amanda Elliott
Director / Senior Conductor
Conductive Education Support Services Limited

If anyone else had a comment lost in the system, or has a further comment to make, either on the original posting or on Amanda's response, then do please send it in to as@nice.ac.uk. For the moment, I shall merely reiterate that there is a fine distinction to make here and, granting everything that Amanda says, her position does not seem incompatable with the original posting:

Sutton, A. (2008) A hard call to make: is this a problem for Conductive Education? Conductive Education World, 16 May

What do others think?

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