Monday, 12 May 2008

Straws in the wind

Fundamental and infrastructural

Are things really on the change now in Conductive Education? Here is first news of two straws in the wind. Interpret their wider significance for yourself. I shall be drawn back to both myself later.


The book Dina, by Károly and Magda Ákos, has long been an important practical and theoretical source within Conductive Education – even though it has been perhaps far, far less read than it merits.

On the latest posting on her blog Conductor, Susie Mallett builds upon her own long reading of Dina to offer theoretical grounding to her own family-oriented practice in helping bring about conductive upbringings. She links this to Goethean science, with its emphasis upon the intuitive/feminine and the 'holistic' dimensions of humanity.

In her posting this last weekend she extends the essential involvement of the mother in the process of upbringing to the involvement of the whole extended family. Further, she extends the process up beyond the preschool years, right into early adulthood, citing some of her earlier postings for practical illustrations of this and how conductors might positively contribute.

Other conductors may reasonably state that they already know and do all this. That may indeed be the case but this is not the point at issue here. More to the point, Susie Mallett is now making this process explicit, an important contribution to explicit theory- and practice-building in Conductive Education and an implicit challenge to conductive services that do not take this into account.


Norman Perrin's Conductive Net began only in the first week of April, indexing blog postings on Conductive Education so far for some five weeks.The process is not yet complete but the Net has already turned attention to indexing forums and schools and centres.

These last two are in their very early days, in Norman's own words 'Work in Progress. Just a start!'

Notes and references

For Susie Mallett's latest posting, go to:

Mallet, S. (2008) Die Mütter! Mütter! – 's klingt so wunderlich, Conductor, 10 May

Dina has been published in German, English, Russian and Chinese editions. The availability of three of these is a mystery to me (other than what might be chanced upon through the like) but I do know that there is a mountain of mint unsold copies of the English edition still available for purchase through the National Library of Conductive Education. Contact Gill Maguire for further details:

The Conductive Web (blogs)

The Conductive Web (forums)

The Conductive Web (schools and centres)

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