Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Two corrections

...and a plea

Thanks to the readers who pointed out URL errors in two recent postings. These errors meant that it was not possible to connect with the parents' blog from Xavier in Australia, or to read the long and interesting newspaper article on Rafal Strzalkowski in the United States. For the record, here are the corrected URLs:

Such corrections are much appreciated.

I have received a couple of emails about the report on Xavier, indication that I am not the only person to find this a very hard call. On balance, one correspondent's judgement call fell just one way, the other's fell just another.

There is a very difficult judgement to be made here, with huge ramifications for the future of Conductive Education (look at the conference programme from Germany that comprises the content of yesterday's posting). This question will not go away for being ignored.

So wouldn't it be nice if people would comment upon this problem publicly...


A hard call to make Is this a problem for Conductive Education? Conductive Education World, 16 May

Only in America? Probably not. Conductive Education World, 17 May

Conference in Germany: full and varied programme published, Conductive Education World, 20 May

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