Saturday, 7 June 2008

Three legs

First thoughts for Chicago Keynote

Following the first programme announcement for the ACENA conference in Chicago, I ought to say a little more about my own proposed contribution.

This will be called 'Conductive Education stands on three legs'. As I see it at the moment, this will will begin with quick critical attention to the unproductive notion of 'the principles of Conductive Education'. It will point instead to three fundamental traditions that blend together in what in the English-speaking world in particular we currently identify as 'Conductive Education'. Each of these, which may be broadly typified as German-Jewish liberal, Soviet psycho-pedagogical and contemporary parent-led consumerist, derives from a particular stage in Conductive Education's history. Understanding Conductive Education in such terms, rather than in terms either of supposed 'principles' or of existing models of therapy, disability or special education, has implications for future directions of practice, research and politics for the field.

An hour should just about do it.


Sutton, A. (2008) First information on North American Conference: Fourth Annual ACENA Conference, Conductive Education World, 5 June

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