Friday, 25 July 2008

A few other people's blogs

Getting quite busy now

The number of Conducive Education blogs is growing.

The left-hand column of Conductive Education World shows the latest postings on the most regular of these, and provides direct links. Here's this morning's crop.

Educação Condutiva - com amor
Óleo de Lorenzo
23 hours ago

Laszlo Szogeczki's
10 eves a Nemetorszagi Konduktorok Egyesulete II.
1 day ago

Inspired as usual by my work
2 days ago

Conductive Education Library
Feedback from the other side
2 days ago

Paces CEO
Blogging for Conductive Education
3 days ago

In addition there is a growing penumbra of less frequent sources, also worth checking if you want to know what's bubbling up in Conductive Education. Luckily Norman Perrin's Pageflakes site offers a quick visual overview of what's happening here too:

Conductive Web

Maybe some more people can be persuaded to take the plunge...

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