Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New Conductive Education forum

Go and see and take part

I have received the following very welcome email from Canada:

Hi Andrew,

I thought I would let you know that I started a Conductive EducationGroup on Cafemom.com. Right now, the group has 3 members, however I'm sure that will grow with time. Cafemom is a discussion group for parents - I've promoted CE in other groups, then decided to finally set a group specifically for CE. CafeMom has an easy to read and easy to post format, so if you know of any parents that would be interested insharing information, please pass on the link.



Over at CafeMom Lorna adds:

This group is for parents to share their thoughts and experiences with Conductive Education. Debate is fine, but no bashing please. Support is so important when you have a special needs child. Hopefully there are some Conductive Education professionals on Cafemom that could lend their expertise and advice.

I'm not exactly a Mom but I've registered anyway and I hope that lots of other people do too, and make active contributions, wherever they live and whatever their contact with Conductive Eduation. The world of Conductive Education has desperately needed a well patronised public forum for some time now. Parents are the engine that drives the conductive movement.

Thanks Lorna, and the best of luck with the discussion.

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