Saturday, 18 October 2008

Another small step forward in France

Permanent service in Pouilly-sur-Loire from New Year

From January next, the project A Petits Pas in the village of Pouilly-sur-Loire will be making the big step to running a small, daily, morning kindergarten service, with the possibility of a parent-and-child service to follow.

The local association that runs A Petit Pas, l'Association Enfance Handicap Moteur, is looking to recruit its first full-time conductor. The association will also provide French lessons and reminds applicants that conductors who are citizens of the European Union will need no visa or work permit to live and work in France. Salary will be equivalent to that of a French schoolteacher and there is generous help on offer over accommodation.

A previous report on Conductive Education in France suggested that the parents’ movement there has been following the general line of what has happened in the English-speaking countries. This latest development, with a small, local, personal initiative stepping up a gear, from visits to Budapest and visiting conductors of its own, to establishment of a permanent footing, seems to confirm that this tendency is continuing.

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