Thursday, 16 October 2008

Canadian pioneer shows another new way…

Jerry (Jerzy) Maslanka launches first CE vlog

The economy might be tottering but communication technology marches on.

Most of us scurry along behind, we’ve just about mastered email, we can do a simple search and just a very few of us run simple sites of our own. Jerry Maslanka is more of a boundary-pusher and today has launched Conductive Education’s first vlog.

You can see it at:

What is a 'vlog'?

Go and see. It’s self-explanatory, looks idiot-proof and you can get started for the cost of a webcam and mic. (if you or your kids don’t already have them!).

For those of us who hate typing but love to talk it looks very, very tempting indeed. If people have something to say this potentially brings about a revolution in the ease of communicating developments, news, views, pletyka, debate, concerns, reassurance. That’s communication in any language.

Jerry has led the way (if you know of any other CE vlogs already running, do please correct me). Who will be second, third, fourth…?

Very brief biographical note

Jerry Maslanka was the parent-pioneer of Conductive Education in Canada (Calgary, Alberta), following hard on the heels of Sue Sweeny in the United States (Seattle, Washington).

That was a long time ago now! I’m sure that he won’t mind my mentioning that he also represents the apotheosis of the Polish plumber (see for Swiftdraft, the company that he runs with his wife Krystyna )


  1. Any idea where this Vlog has gone to? It seems to have vanished.

  2. Have a look at the latest posting on the Conductive Community Forum: