Saturday, 18 October 2008

Conductor’s personal website closes

Reminder of impermanence of things

Klára Barnay’s website in German and in English was possibly the very first personal homepage from a conductor.

It has been published by AOL Hometown. This is now closing down, reminder to us all that the Internet itself, including its big players, is subject to economic and commercial forces. Nothing lasts for ever and AOL reminds visitors to Klára’s site to back up and save their own on-line material.

There is still of course the fall-back resource of the Wayback Machine for retrieving discontinued websites from the Internet’s darkest vaults… but that might not last for ever either!

You might like a last look at Klára’s homepage before it vanishes (it really is a little glimpse into the past). This is where you can find in for just a very little while now:

The Wayback Machine
Simply type into Search the old URL (Internet address) of a site that is no longer being maintained in the Internet, the click Take Me Back and... presto!

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