Sunday, 19 October 2008

Discussing Conductive Education on the Internet

Use it or lose it

Opening of the Elliot Clifton’s Conductive Community Forum last week has prompted a quick and probably not exhaustive review of Conductive Education discussions forums on the Internet.

From the United Kingdom

The internationally focused Conductive Community Forum commenced operation at the beginning of last week:

From North America

There is a small but heartfelt Discussion Forum on Café Mom:

ACENA (Association for Conductive Education in North America) runs a clutch of Forums but they are desperately quiet:

IACEA (Inter-American Conductive Education Association has a Forum on-line but it has virtually never been used:

From Germany

The Bundesverband der in Deutschland tätigen KonduktorInnen [Federal Association or Conductors Active in Germany] actively maintains an elegant site but its Forum is almost bare.

From Hungary

Konduktív Pegagógiai Szakmoi Fórum (‘Conductive Education Professional Forum’) has vanished, along with the rest of Konped:

This will be subject to a specific report soon

The lavish and generally well maintained Konduktor site has provided a Forum for more that a year now but this has been barely used:

Like in a garden, weeds can blow in and take root in neglected corners. Look at the company that László Szögeczli has attracted to his posting of a year ago (better be quick now that I’ve pointed it out):

From Switzerland

The Forum provided by the foundation Second Step seems unused:

And also...

Then there is also the mysterious and totally empty site from who knows where, running an equally impenetrable Forum – though maybe this is for a different kind of ‘conductor’ altogether!

Over the years I have noticed new websites published by various centres promising to open a Forum but, as far as I am aware, none of these have amounted to anything. Do tell if they have...

Other ways

Conductivists may express themselves on other Forums, for example parents contributing to cerebral palsy forums who from time to time may mention Conductive Education, or Hungarian conductors who may mention their work on the general website for Hungarians around the world. All for the better in the given contexts, and it may even do a little to help other people remember that there is such a thing as Conductive Education (what if anything they make of it is another mater). But this does not allow for much if any discussion of the matters raisesd by others with a similarly ‘conductive’ concerns, writing with specifically 'conductive' audiences in mind. It does not advance the understanding of the field.

Then of course there are social networks, blogs, knols, vlogs etc. These are not creatures out of space operas but other means for interaction across Cyberspace. It is probably safe to assume, however, that most people in Conductive Education are unaware of most of these (other than, for some anyway, through personal social networking).

Use it or lose it

Present-day discussion of issues in around Conductive Education, on the Internet or through the traditional media may reasonably be typified as negligible. The ‘natural history’ of forums specifically on Conductive Education is that they begin with high hopes, few if any people make postings (certainly few if any of those who might be regarded as holding authority in the field), then a quick feedback loop is under way. An empty site attracts few repeat visitors, postings are therefore sparse, and without potential readers, they tail off altogether. The site dies and stays dead.

There are plenty of discussion forums around, waiting for people to use them, and language need be no barrier.

So what is the problem?

Or can we not even discuss that?

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