Monday, 13 October 2008

It’s back: new Discussion Forum launched

Use it or lose it

Discussion Forums, then and now

The ‘old’ CE Discussion Forum was often a rough-and tumble place. Some people just didn’t know how to behave while others all too easily took umbrage and went off and sulked. There are still people who refuse to have anything to do with communicating on the Internet because of some real or perceived slight experienced on the CE Discussion Forum several years ago.

It would be nice to think that people in Conductive Education are a little more sophisticated now.

The new form, like the old, offers the facility of expressing oneself in any language, and posting anonymously, or using a pseudonym (like András Pető used to do). For all the faults of the few in the past, such possibilities allowed all sorts of interesting information and ideas to come out into the open, from all round the world. Let’s hope that this spirit can be recaptured and surpassed.

Heaven knows that, more that ever in these tumultuous times, Conductive Education needs all the information, bright ideas, dire warnings and, above all, communication that it can get,


Between conductors and non-conductors, employers and employees, people speaking different languages, conductivists and those outside the system, service-users and professionals, ‘researchers’ and everybody else… and just between individuals who, when it all boils down, is where it really matters.

Back to a community?

There have been umpteen other attempts to launch Conductive Education discussion forums over the years. For the most part they have died the death, brought about simply by not being used. It’s up to you now folks. Use it or lose it.

This new forum is headed Conductive Community Forum. There’s an optimistic term from another age! My personal inclination now is to use the looser and more dynamic term ‘conductive movement’ since, in the absence of a coherent, organised community, the word 'movement' can stretch all the way to include the movement of headless chickens! The new discussion forum is a timely reminder of the movement's need to coalesce and a welcome practical initiative towards achieving real community.

One Internet discussion forum alone will not make all that difference but the fate of this open facility over the next few months might offer an interesting litmus test of the CE movement’s present capacity for mature public discussion of issues that matter for the future well-being of Conductive Education.

Conductive Community Forum

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