Friday, 17 October 2008

Finance CE through a loan?

Possibility for US and Canadian parents

Kevin Hickling writes from Ability Camp in Ontario...

As a parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy I am well aware that our North American medical system has been pushed to the breaking point and there is less and less money available in the system to help our families. Resources for therapy are currently stretched to their limits and the recent turmoil in the economy is going to make this problem even worse as the government looks for more ways to cut costs...

Although we are not in a position to finance people ourselves we have recently formed an affiliation with Med Loan Finance who can help families from the US arrange financing in a number of various forms...

If you are interested in these programs you can apply online to

and you should be able to find out within one day if you qualify.

For futher information on this and on charities that have also helped Canadian and American families, email Kevin direct at:

or phone him on 1-800-442-6992.

Further information on Ability Camp:

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