Saturday, 11 October 2008

Private consultancy update

Multi-approach service starting up in North Wales

Back in February Conductive World reported on three new conductor-consultancies in the United Kingdom. This also gave opportunity to acknowledge the activities of longer-established private practices in the CE sector worldwide.

Now another UK conductor had taken the plunge into private practice and gone public with this on the Internet.

Lisa Kovacs is one of the Scope-trained conductors (trained at the Pető Institute and Keele University) and has practiced in CE in the UK since 1994 and, over the last five years, has also practiced Applied Behaviour Analysis. She has wide practical experience in both Conductive Education and ‘special educational needs’ generally she but has also served as a senior manager/ headteacher and is recognised as an Advanced Skills Teacher, worked closely with the Welsh inspection service, Estyn, trained as a peer-assessor and part-trained as an Additional Inspector. She therefore has insight into the official requirements upon children’s and educational service.

She lives in North Wales where specialist services of any kind are sparse. She is looking for different ways to progress in the worlds of Conductive Education/special needs and intends to explore the consultancy/private practice route.

Her consultancy is provisionally called Conductive Alternatives Cymru (Cymru, pronounced something like ‘Kumree’, is the Welsh for Wales), under which name she has put together a 'tester' website:

The website indicates how conductive services for children with motor disorders will be embedded within a wider range of practical approaches, from art therapy to ABA, and are directed to a wider range of developmental disorders


Of the six consultancies, old and new, mentioned back in February:

There is no recent news of Erzsébet (Majorovicz) Gordon.

Gabor Temleitner has considerably enhanced his website.

Lászlo Szögetszki has very considerably extended his Internet presence with a blog, and participation in an MS project leading to a published project with an attendant video on YouTube
There is no recent news of Judit Roth in the United States, though the two established international consultancies continue to promote their services with the same vigour as ever:

Judit Szatmáry has recently begun a blog

Agnes Borbély's website now comes in fourteen languages.

Internet guide to conductor consultancies

Cerebral Palsy Solutions: Judit Roth

Conductive Education Support Services: Judit Szatmáry

Independent Conductive Education Services: Lászlo Szögetszki
MS research report

Learning Alternatives Cymru: Lisa Kovacz

Moira: Agnes Borbély

Path for the Disabled: Erzsébet (Majorovicz) Gordon

QCET: Gábor Temleitner

There are surely more dotted around the world… it would be good to hear of them.

Previous item on conductor consultancies

Sutton, A. (2008) Private practice: growth of consultancy, Conductive World, 17 February

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  1. Andrew,
    Thank you so much for this post
    and for your support to all of us who are doing the best we know of and truly believe in.
    Your post is encouraging for conductors (young, old and all) to step up and make a difference so that we can all contribute and participate in any way we can to support children, adults, their families, our fellow conductors and anyone who reads your/our blogs.

    I believe that we all (the conductors you mentioned) have a burning desire to raise awareness for what we truly believe in. I am looking forward to more to come.
    Conductors shine your truth. Don’t hide away, tell us and show us what is important to you so we all can learn and help more people.
    Judit Szathmary