Thursday, 23 October 2008

Russian parent-and-child article now available in English

Testing out knol publication

I have very tentatively dipped a first toe into the unfamiliar sea of knols.

I have now published on Google Knol the full English-language text (Sutton 2008a) from which the Russian article published last week (Sutton, 2008b) was derived.

The paper’s title in English is ‘Conductive upbringing: a revolution for families with children with cerebral palsy

Conductive World drew attention to the opportunities of knol publishing for Conductive Education as soon as this new way of self-punlishing went live in July (Sutton, 2008c). Since then there have been three Conductive Education aricles published by this means., by three diferent authors.

At its most basic the knol system appears very simple to use but it does offer a range of further facilities. All four CE postings to date, my own very recent one included, have taken the simplest route in, with no mbellishments. For myself I shall be extending my knol activity, both through increasing the number of knol postings from my store of existing materials, and by gradually elaborating my existing postings as I familiarise myself with the technology. These knols will be listed as they appear in the DIRECTORY column on the left-hand side of Conductive World.

Do please take the opportunity to comment or make suggestions, either through COMMENTS at the foot of this announcement or under the knol itself.


Sutton. A. (2008a) Conductive Education: a revolution for families with cerebral palsy, Google Knol

Sutton, A. (2008b) Русские прходят / The Russians are coming. A new force on CE’s horizon? Conductive World, 20 October

Sutton, A. (2008c) Google Knol: Google’s answer to Wikipedia. Is there a potential advantage for Conductive Education? Conductive World, 26 July

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