Friday, 3 October 2008

‘Special educational needs’ in England

Festina lente!

Also in the post this evening I found an email from the Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing St. This might sound rather grand but it was no more that the follow-up to an ‘e-petition’ that I had signed some months ago, telling me what had happened as a result of this exercise in e-democracy.

This is what I put my name to:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to review the Special Needs Provision and the post code lottery that currently exists between different Local Education Authorities. All Local Education Authorities should be made to ensure the parent’s wishes and child’s needs come before any financial considerations.

In all 1,774 people had signed up to this. To tell the truth, I had quite forgotten having done so. Skimming down the formidable list I didn’t recognise anyone whom I knew among my co-signitors (but then I didn’t spot my own name either till I exercised Cntrl + F).

The answer for our pains? There have been a lot of meetings and reports over the last few years and there are going to be quite a few more. Then the Government will consider what to make of all this.

If it is still in power, that is.

Judge for yourself whether this whole matter is being dealt with all due seriousness – or with total contempt:

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