Saturday, 18 October 2008

Straws in the wind

International Conductive Education is growing up

Three bits of information this week, with something important in common?

The new Conductive Community Forum is published by Elliott Clifton, who first experienced Conductive education as a small boy at the Pető Institute.

Susie Mallett’s consultation with the parents of two little children with cerebral palsy was made in collaboration with an eighteen-year-old client who has been in Conductive Education since he was eight.

And, a few days ago, posting a personal selection of Conductive Education videos from YouTube, I was reminded of the remarkable video of Shay Allais, the articulate young man whose conductive upbringing has been thanks to Tsad Kadima and was subject to an earlier item on Conductive World when it was first published at the end of last year.

One thinks of various vocal subsets within the Conductive Education movement, ‘the parents’, ‘the conductors’ etc, each with their own slant on where we are, what we should be doing, and maybe even what is this thing called Conductive Education . Here, though is another sector emerging, young adults who have grown up living other people’s conductive dream.

Increasingly we should be soon hearing their voices, what they have to say on such matters.

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CE videos on line: See directory, to the left of this page

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