Monday, 6 October 2008

TV report from Dallas aired at last

Focus of report is sign of times

NBC Channel 5 News has finally found screen time for its report on A Child Can Do All Things CE centre in Dallas, Texas.

Everyone with experience of having the television cameras round will feel for the centre and its parents, waiting day after day for definite news that ‘their’ report is finally to go out – particularly when lots of heavy national news crowds out the airwaves and there are financial hopes riding on the broadcast.

You can see today’s report on NBC Channel 5 News at

I don’t know how long NBC keeps its archived news reports on line, so catch it now.

Interestingly, given the nature of the times that we are living through, NBC has focused and captioned its report as follows:

N. Texas Charity Struggles In Tough Economic Times
NBC 5's Meredith Land Reports
Donations keep "A Child Can Do All Things" afloat, but tough economic times put the organization in danger.

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  1. I collect news items like this in the library, so if anyone has got a copy they could let me have, I would be very grateful.