Saturday, 25 October 2008

Two personal bibliographies going on line

There are now six Conductive Education knols

Following the last posting here on Conductive World, knols may seem already a little old hat! Nonetheless, they are there and they present an opportunity, so two further, slightly differing applications are being tested out over the coming weeks:

Andrew Sutton in print

A straightforward, old-fashioned, personal bibiography

Andrew Sutton on line

Live links to materials that have turned up on line, sometimes without their author's knowledge!

User's first impression

By the time you get to your third knol the process does begin to seem rather less complicated, especially if you are publishing already-prepared material.

It really does look like it could prove a quick and easy way of bringing previously unpublished materials to wider readership. Conductive Education would certainly benefit from sharing all sorts of materials, conductive, adminitrative, whatever, so that new services and programs are not continually having to reinvent the wheel.

The technology is there...

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