Wednesday, 26 November 2008

All quiet in the news front

CE out of the news

Something on Gill Maguire’s Conductive Education Library blogsite has made me aware of something that I had not consciously noticed.

Her blog’s side bar had included notification of mentions of Conductive Education in the world’s media, as picked up automatically by Google’s Media Alert.

She had started this because over the summer when there was a long spate of stories involving Conductive Education in the world’s news. Nothing of a policy nature but quite a bit on local fundraising activities, and a lot of reports, mainly from the United States, of excited parents about to venture on an experience of Conductive Education.

This week she announced that in the absence of real news she is discontinuing the service until and when news picks up again.

Without real Conductive Education stories to spot, Google’s ever-helpful but mindless search robot was serving up anything that it could find with the word ‘conductive’ in it – including the inevitable conductive/conducive confusions.

I don’t know precisely what to make of this diminution of reported activity. It would be hardly surprising if fundraising events in general were to fall off over the recession, though imaginative activities well-founded in their home community can still bear fruit, as shown by the example cited below. As for the relative lack of autumn’s ‘after’ stories to follow ‘summer’s ‘before’ reports of children off to experience Conductive Education, I just don’t know. Maybe most folks just have something more pressing on their minds.

Or perhaps this is all of no significance whatsoever.


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