Wednesday, 26 November 2008

BISH: strange bedfellows

CE midst the sick men of Europe

Very early this morning BBC news picked up a catchy story line on economic trends from this morning’s Guardian newspaper:

Britain has been bracketed with Hungary, Iceland and Spain as one of the countries most affected by the global credit crunch and falling house prices, according to the west's leading economic thinktank.

Britain, Iceland, Spain and Hungary, all on the road to economic hell in the same economic handcart: time to coin a new acronym ‘BISH’ to counterpoise BRIC (Brasil, Russia, India, China), the economies supposed to be passing us in the opposite direction on the way up.

Actually, not quite so neat a grouping. The Guardian’s story continues by adding that Ireland, Luxembourg and Turkey are also members of this unfortunate club.

Who says so? The ‘think tank’, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’. So maybe not to worry quite so much. Remember the uncritical and unquestioning stance that the OECD produced over special needs and inclusion not all that long ago. But worrying all the same, since on this topic it's on home ground and ought to know rather more what it's talking about.

CE in these countries

Turkey, and Iceland: as far as I know, as yet untouched by CE.

Ireland (North and South): for twenty years CE‘s graveyard of dreams, due not least to the implacable opposition of existing hegemonies.

Spain: scene of CE’s biggest public financial scandal a few years back, and nothing strategic since.
Britain and Hungary: in their different ways, countries that have been vital in the story if Conductive Education so far. So far…

It’s the economy, stupid, again

It’s now all of six days since Conductive World last opened the porthole and peeped out to peeped out timorously to see how the storm and the icebergs are getting on. No, close it tight again quickly! It’s all so much cosier shut safe in our tiny, bright, warm cabins. The band is playing in the First Class lounge and, if there really is something needing doing, there are always the deckchairs to rearrange.

Oh, and by the way, just after I began writing this item, the news came on over the radio:

Ten minutes ago it was announced that trading in shares in Woolworths has been suspended on the London Stock Exchange.

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  1. BISH in Aramaic is bad/problem/mess. We use it in Hebrew to describe an unexpected development or a problem which interfere with our plans. If it weren't sad, it could have been an amusing choice of yours.
    By the way, Tsad Kadima is holding its annual fundraising event in TLV next week. We usually sell 1000 ticket every year, only 500 as to this point of time! We shall all be affected...

  2. No choice. Just
    an unhappy coincidence.

    Fifty percent decrease on the income of an established, regular fundraiser? Oy-vey, that is bish.

    Project that one across the board and the results don't bear thinking about. For the moment, let's not.

    For the moment, good luck with last-minute windfall sales...

    Would anyne else care to give an equally open report of such matters?