Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Families and children: good news aplenty

Conductive Web: an excellent resource to keep abreast of it

Two postings ago I promised more good news, so here it is – in spades.

As I said, it comes from parents’ blogs, a sharp and spirited reminder of what Conductive Education is about and, never mind all the problems, why its users, the important people in the conductive movement, have taken it to their hearts.

My apologies for letting this go unmentioned recently, thanks to all the economic doom and gloom and the below-stairs preoccupatons of the providers (to all of which I shall surely return).

Bookmark the Conductive Web, especially the page called Parent blogs. See how Conductive Education is only part of family life but a valued and often hard-fought-for part nonetheless(‘researchers’ particularly note). And see how often families go on line (food for thought here perhaps for professionals who ‘support’!).

Conductive Web

Try and navigate through Conductive Education of the Internet by way of the usual search engines and you will soon find yourself in a veritable Sargasso Sea of tangled junk and flotsam. You will need a quick and effective navigation instrument to help steer you to safer ground!

Norman Perrin, a longstanding parent, activist and service-organiser himself, provides an unpartisan and comprehensive tool, a map of the conductive Internet. He has been progressively upgrading the Conductive Web, introducing new categories and making it very easy to use. It is currently classified into four categories Here they are with Norman’s own explanations or comments where he gives them:

CE blogs. If there's a blog you'd like to see listed here, send an email with the URL to: conductiveweb.support@googlemail.com

Parent blogs. The blogs on this page a mixed bag. All are by parents. We will update as we go. Broadly speaking, the more active ones are nearer the top.

CE Community Forum.

CE knolls. A knol is a unit of knowledge; an authoritative article about a specific topic. Everyone can share what they know by writing a knol.

CE consultants. If you want a listing here, send an email with the URL to: conductiveweb.support@googlemail.com

Some CE search tools.

In plain English. If you're wondering what it's all about (blogs, RSS feeds, and so on), here's a fun place to start.


Conductive Web

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