Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Life’s light journey

Good news, faith and optimism from Western Australia

The indefatigable ‘Lightnur’ continues to report the ups and the downs of bringing up her daughter Muja and of the ambitious and high-profile Conductive Education project at Carson Street School to which is committed.

By the way, she has a great Ayah of the Day on her blog this morning:

Those who are bent on denying the truth are allies of one another; and unless you act likewise [among yourselves], oppression will reign on earth and great corruption. Quran (8. 73)

Don’t we know it!


Lightnur. (20o8) Life's light journey, 4 November

Nur is the Arabic for ‘light’ (the word being probably best known to British readers through the Koh-i-Noor diamond, the Mountain of Light).

Carson Street: most recent report on Conductive World
Sutton, A. (2008) Expansion continuing in Western Australia, Conductive World, 6 October

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