Thursday, 20 November 2008

Normal services will be resumed

as soon as possible

Sod's Law strikes again! The dots on the map at the head of this page have been blossoming this week... at which very point I find myself without the use of a computer.

This quick posting comes courtesy of a public computer terminal. If anything major happens in the world of Conductive Education over the next few days, something that can be briefly reported, then it will be off to the nearest Internet cafe.

So, until normal services are resumed, do please watch this space and continue making your own comments on what is written here. An increasing number of people around the conductive world will pick up your opinion if you express them this way.

And don't forget the other conductive bloggers (see the DIRECTORY to the left of this page).

The computor problem should be solved this weekend, and won't cost me a penny (1p. or £0.01), and a penny buys more every day in the recession-hit United Kingdom (see below what you might pickup for 100 of them). A lot of people's problems are not going to be so easily resolved and 'normal service' may never be the same again.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

The Christmas and New Year sales have started already in High Street UK (I guess in Main St USA as well).

Next to where I am sitting to write this item there is 20% off everything today in Marks & Spencers, and some places are announcing far bigger reductions: 'Up to 70% off''.

And the biggest bargain of all? It is now rumoured that 'Woolies' (F. W. Woolworths) is looking to dispose of all 800 of its UK stores, for £1.00. That's not £1.00 for each store but £1.00 for the lot. Not such a bargain, of course, you think of all the financial commitments and obligations that you will also pick for your pound (like a £385m debt, for example!).

So we now have yet another economic index to our the daily tidings of falling interest rates, stock-exchnge collapse, repossessions, foreclosures, bail-outs, job-losses, unemployment, etc. etc: falling prices, bargains for some but for the economists grim harbingers of deflation and the dreaded deflationary cycle.

A pound for Woolies. A penny for your thoughts? What price Conductive Education?


Sod's Law

The wonder of Woolies

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