Monday, 15 December 2008

Already past the Last Ditch Saloon?

Charities get grim practical advice

Hannah Jordan writes:

Charities should now have measures in place to cope with worsening economic conditions, says expert. Charities that are only now beginning to plan for the recession are too late, according to fundraising expert Alan Clayton.

Speaking at a breakfast meeting in London on Friday, Clayton, director of marketing firm The good Agency, told about 100 senior fundraisers that they should already have put strategies in place to protect their fundraising income during and after the recession…

He urged fundraisers to focus on donor development and increase the frequency of communication. Charities should ask their most committed donors to increase their donations and offer others the chance to reduce their regular payments for six months to try to keep attrition rates down, he said…

The advice is of course directed to larger charities, in Britain. It sounds plausible, however, and bears at least consideration by smaller charities and those in other countries.


Jordan, H. (2008) 'Too late' to plan for recession, Third Sector Online, 15 December

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