Thursday, 11 December 2008

The American way

Innovative fight-back in face of downturn

Further corroboration of the general downturn in charitable giving, if such be needed, comes from a determinedly upbeat article by Jillian Badanes in yesterday’s Washington Times.

Yes, US charities are already being badly hit financially by recession.

But, yes too, they are rising to the occasion and finding new ways of generating income (not least on line).

There are important lessons to be learned here by others, both in the specifics of what is reported here and, probably more important in the long run, the positive spirit and mood behind these.

Unfortunately for Conductive Education in the United States and elsewhere, the success stories cited seem to relate to rather larger charitable operations that the typical charitably supported CE program.

Never mind. It’s great to read a positive story.

There is a great video incorporated into the report (usual video caution: catch this soon, the video might not be there for ever)


Badanes, J. (2008) Charity donation decline gives rise to innovation: contests, web sites keep money flowing, Washington Times, 10 December
Look out, this is a long report. Don’t forget to see page 2!

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