Friday, 5 December 2008

Charitable income in the US

Can anyone remain unscathed?

Two recent items on Conductive World (Charitable income in the UK and More on charitable income in the UK) focussed of the plight of charitable funding in the United Kingdom. There was no reason to think of this as anything but a local example of a worldwide problem.

Just to hammer this home home, watch an American news report by Keitha Nelson, broadcast yesterday on WAFB TV, Louisiana's news channel (wait till the end of the Toyota advert!):

Catch it fast, I don't know how long WAFB leaves things up there.

If you don't, or would prefer a written version, then go to:

Nelson, K. (2008) Local charities affected by the stock market, WAFB, 4 December

As ever, it is the neediest feel the pinch first.

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