Thursday, 4 December 2008

Death of a Nightingale

A play for today

'Compelling, controversial and confrontational, it is a brilliant addition to the inclusion or, as some argue, the illusion debate. Philosophical, political, cultural, ethical, yet human and humane in content, it is written with insight into the conflicts, traumas, joy and concerns that are daily events in the life of any school...' (The Teacher, October 2008)

Do you have a disabled child? Do you work with disabled childen and their families? Are you looking for a Christmas present that's bit different?

Then try this:

Death of a Nightingale
by Alan Share

Or at least read and consider the extensive website which includes an extensive download available for preview (including the author's personal testament). The book comes from England where 'educational inclusion' has so far been receiving its severest public drubbing, but you may well find that what is says is relevant to your own situation or experiences wherever you are.

This is a work of fiction, in the form of a play for reading or public performance.

The book is privately published and all royalties are being donated to the Death of the Nightingale Fund to help fund holidays for disabled children.

The website contains its own Forum but you comments on reading this (book or website) will also be most welcome on this blog.

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