Thursday, 18 December 2008

General call for ‘proof’

NHS proposals may serve to keep CE at bay

UK charities hoping in the long term for service-delivery contracts with the National Health Service may have another barrier to cross from April 2010 when, it is recommended, they will be required to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work by providing information on the quality of their services "in every service line – looking at safety, experience and outcomes".

The proposal is contained in the Department of Health's response to Lord Darzi's Next Stage Review on the future of the NHS.

This will affect all collaborative projects with the NHS, be they according to existing models of providing CE or anyinnovations (for example novel conditions or contexts) that might be envisaged over future years.

April 2010 is only fifteen months away, giving very little time during which to prepare for the bureaucratic demands that this proposal will inevitably create.

As if CE services in the UK will not have enough to do over the next year or so. just to make ends meet!



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