Monday, 8 December 2008

Here’s Christmas

Ebenezer Scrooge and a Christmas quiz

Bah, humbug!

Hard, cold times for charity. In London, Her Majesty’s Treasury has refused to establish a temporary facility for charities with money frozen in failed Icelandic banks.

No extra money will be available for charities, and the Government has no intention of permitting any funds already allotted to be diverted from its own pet priorities, which are ‘a series of initiatives that have been decided on for strategic reasons, including third-sector capacity-building, volunteering, public service delivery and social enterprise programmes.’

Plummer, J. (2008) No interim help for charities with frozen accounts, Third Sector Online, 8 December

Hard times for the Cratchit family but, as already remarked on Conductive World, Icelandic banks are not really a matter to bother cash-strapped Conductive Education centres. So what they never had they will hardly miss.

Fiddling while Rome burns

The National Children’s Bureau, for years and years widely known simply by its initials, NCB, has decided to ‘rebrand’.

This is to achieve ‘a contemporary and strong identity", says a spokeswoman.
Henceforth the National Children's Bureau is to be known by the initials NCB.

The ‘deputy chief executive’ of NCB sums up the extraordinary result of this bold move:

We believe our new brand better represents NCB's multi-faceted nature and reflects our established credibility and powerful voice.
One remembers the old National Coal Board, also widely known as the NCB, cetainly a body with a 'multi-faceted nature', though not necessarily of an 'established credibility and powerful voice'.

You can see the (new) NCB's equally imaginative new visual symbol at:

Plummer, J. (2008) National Children’s Bureau rebrands, Third Sector Online, 8 December

Ah yes, the quiz...
  • Q. 1. How many suits and designers, how many meetings and how much money does it take to ‘rebrand’ an organisation so that it will be known by the self-same initials that it has been known as for years?
  • Q. 2. Is anyone even mildly surprised by such tosh any more?
  • Q. 3. …No, it’s too cruel.

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