Sunday, 28 December 2008

I’m back

Keep watching out for Conductive World

Conductive World has been closed down over the Christmas period, not for reasons of festive frolics but because of a crashed computer that was finally brought back to life only last night, at 2230 GMT .

So first of all, sincerest thanks for all those unanswered email Xmas greetings, and to the rather worrying enquiries whether I am ’all right’. I most am pleased to reassure (or sorry to disappoint): I most certainly am.

And thanks too to those patient daily ‘dots’ on my map at the head of this page, who have hung on there looking for signs of life, or something. I could see you on my mobile phone but could not respond.

Now, I’m back

My first job is to answer some pressing emails, as a couple of important jobs have be done for the end of the year. Hard as it is for many people in some parts of the world to believe this, everybody is getting on with that tasks of keeping the show on the road. By the time the great annual Xmas narcolepsy is finally done the international circus will be already a fortnight down the road ahead, clattering on its chaotic way to an yet unknowable destination. Some folk may never catch up!

The second job of course is to crank Conductive World back into life. Please accept this short notice as the first turn of the handle. Just in time: there are some interesting developments bubbling away, so look out for the first reports. And there are still things that I want to elaborate on from 2008, for example what I saw, heard and thought when I visited Hong Kong, Chicago and Budapest over 2008.

As ever, then, the old year will end in a desperate rush to get things done, with the consolation that I shall have rather more time do deal with such things in the New Year.

An apology

Sorry, the comment above about some people's stopping entirely over Xmas was of course misguided, or at least overinclusive. Parents and carers and disabled people, wherever they are in the world, whatever their faith (or none), whatever everyone else is doing around them, do not of course stop. Their task is always before them. It is only the privileged ones, the ‘professionals’, the ‘paid help’, who are able to rest from their labours and take a break.

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