Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Next World Congress: first announcement

Practical waymark for us all

Only two years now to the VII. World Congress on Conductive Education.

This month sees the planned commencement of the programme of formal preparation in Hong Kong, with a preliminary website published:


A fuller website is to be published in January.

Conductive Education as a whole faces a hard slog. In such situations it can be helpful to have a visible landmark in view, somewhere to reach along the hard road that lies ahead, not too close nor yet too far in the distance.

I cannot think of any other such marker in prospect so the World Congress will have to serve this purpose, in which case the world of Conductive Eucation has two full years to get itself sorted and work out where it is going next. Sounds reasonable.

The venue could not be in more appropriate place for forcing the major issues of policy and practice issues to the public stage, whether one attends or not.

Early December 2010. Two years now. Watch this space.


  1. How interesting it would be if someone in Hong Kong would set up a "CE-Congress2010" blog with regular updates on all matters pertaining.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Do you know or have any suggestion of how us - " regular conductors" can be a bit more involved in the World Conference 2010? I would love to know that what do you need to do to qualify to be a speaker or lecturer in some sort, if it's actually possible? I personally would love to be present in the Conference , but don't know how can you afford it... etc. Thank you so much in advance re any info you have.

  3. I don't know how previous World Congress have been organised but I am confident that the one in Hong Kong will be run in the proper manner normal for professional and academic conferences.

    The first announcement is promised for later this month. Have a look at the general idea of the conference, its means of submitting papers and what sort of topics you might be interested in presenting on, and the context in which you might feel most at home (paper, poster, workshop, symposium, whatever). Remember that more that one of you can share the work (and the glory) of putting something forward.

    Don't be puit off by all this jargon. It's all a lot simpler that it looks. You have quite some time yet to take advice and sort out what you might want to do. I shall, if people want it, run some guidance on Conductive World. No doubt others will be willing to 'mentor' too.

    I can't be more specific at this point as I have not seen the first announcement. Your Comment alerts me to the need to combine my report on that announcement with some suggestions and encouragement for people to start thinking about putting themselves forward.

    You must do so. A CE Congress without proper representation of "regular conductors"? It doesn't bear thinking about. Wherever did you get that idea?

    Thank you, on behalf of many people, for launching this issue to public attention. As foir affording to get there... well, two years is along time. l
    Let's cross first bridges first.



  4. Andrew is right about crossing first bridges first, but I do think it is worth thinking about the possibilities of getting sponsorship to get to Hong Kong while actually considering the topics and type of presentation we are interested in.
    As a self employed conductor finding sponsorship is certainly a huge factor influencing how my ideas for presenting aspects of my work at the World Congress are developing. I need to get someone here at home just as interested in my topic as the people organising the Congress in Hong Kong otherwise I can not get there to present it.

    There are still people out there with the money we just have to find ways to tempt them to spend it on Conductive causes!


  5. Yes, of course the two aspects have to be approached in tandem, and for most people perhaps will find that they interact.

    At academic/professional conference a very few speakers are 'invited' by the orgnisers. They have no reason to worry about either aspect.

    A larger number will enjoy unquestioned access to resources and will decide to go first then think of what they might submit to justify this. These submissions should then go through the same screening process as any other by independent referees, and may be sent back for revision and resubmission, or rejected altogether.

    Then there are ordinary folk, including I guess those whom Gabbie (Gabi?) referred to as ‘regular conductors’).

    If I has a lot of money and regluar conductors, or any other regular folk approached me for a grant towards going o present at an international conference, I would have certain immediate questions to answer (indeed, I should probable have form ready with these on). Different forms will have different questions but they will all include the following, very early on:

    (1) What is the topic/title (and please give a summary of what you are going to do/say), and

    (2) has this submission been accepted?

    Of course, regular folf who might approach me in this way will have already checked out the sort of things that I have funded in the past, my interests and exlusions claused, and tailored their application to me accordingly. If they also approach other people then their tailored application might read a little differently. If they can find nobody to consider their particular topic, then they might consider changing to a different one.

    Simple gamesmanship. The academics will be doing it, shamelessly. Regular people should bear it in mind too. This is what I mean by ‘interactive’ in this context.

    In an ideal world perhaps one might manage this transitively, finding a potential sponsor very early on in the process, someone with the sympathy to your cause and the patience to negotiate funding in the light of a developing application. Good luck. In these busy days you may be more likely to be faced with a form that will generate boxes to be ticked…

    And please, to anyone who reads this open reply, I must reiterate that I have no money at all to grant, for any purpose, and no patronage or access to other people’s money to disburse. Nor do I know whom one might ask, in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world.

    So yes, start looking, but be ready with a strong proposal for when you find someone.