Tuesday, 9 December 2008

What to do between ‘blocks’ 2

The question taken up elsewhere

The question

Three weeks ago, a fundamental question was posed by parent-blogger Jacolyn Lieck, fundamental that is, for parents with no possibility of a continuous conductive service.


If you take your child for a block placement or summer school, she asked, what happens next, during the wait for the next conductive experience? Specifically, what happens when hard-won gains begin to fall away?

Answer came there none…

The problem is important enough to merit much wider and franker discussion. An article in Conductive World widened Jacolyn's enquiry and invited responses. It generated no Comments in response, however, and a similar posting on the Conductive Community Forum has fared no better.


Towards an answer

Susie Mallett in her Conductor blog from Germany has, however, taken this issue a little further, putting responsibility on service-providers and their conductors, during the course of the program, to prepare parents for what happens next and then to build in some kind of follow-up or call-back during the time that comes after. She is currently looking for parents to join her in a pilot project to provide ‘in-between time’ help at a distance, through Skype.


Any other suggestions, not least from all those who provide block placements and summer schools, or work in them?

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