Tuesday, 27 January 2009

All quiet on the conductive front

Phoney war… or a fuss about nothing?

The world of Conductive Education seems to have suddenly gone extraordinarily quiet. No news, one has to hope is good news.

There are three possible explanations:

(a) there is genuinely nothing happening, good or bad, and people are just getting on with things as normal;

(b) there are things happening but news of them has yet to get around;

(and, perhaps slightly different)

(c) there are things bubbling away but no one will speak of them and what they might portend.

Ask around and everything is ‘fine’, ‘no problem’. Maybe it is true that CE will bear a charmed life through the recession. If you know the secret of how it is doing this, bottle it: it should be worth a fortune.

So, is the present quiet patch sure indication that CE has nothing to worry about? Or is this the calm before the storm. We shall all soon know, for certain. Hindsight, as Billie Wilder said, is always twenty-twenty.

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