Friday, 9 January 2009

All quiet on the economic front?

Things happening nevertheless

For a few days now Conductive World had refrained from mentioning economics and their possible effects upon Conductive Education.

This does not of course mean that the problem has gone away, rather that we are in a ‘phoney war’ stage that should lull nobody into false feelings of security.

The visible indications of disaster mount steadily around us. In the United States the favoured public index seems to be unemployment figures. In the United Kingdom the favoured index for popular discussion is the ‘high street’, with Viyella (founded 1784) and Wedgwood (1759) joining those who have gone gently into the dark night that swallowed Woolworths only a week or so ago. Even Germany is at last awakening to the fact that its economy has been over-dependent upon high-quality, high-cost luxury goods, and is now in the deepest…

No publicly available information yet about what is happening in CE but, as forecast, Conductive Education Support Services has announced its intention of expanding services and getting a bigger building, and a pletka has it that another small, personally run service in the UK is thinking of doing the same.

Meanwhile, a ‘Recession Watch Panel’ has forecast that the recession 'will hit medium-sized charities hardest'. Most CE charities in the UK are medium-sized, described in this context as ‘too small to cope with large losses yet too large to be agile’. Other words of gloom predictions are the downturn will result in more mergers of medium-sized charities and that ‘Darwinian’ pressures will put weaker charities most at risk. Nothing surprising there, then and no surprise either that no practical suggestions emerged.
Doubtless we shall all be very wise after the act!


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  1. A practical suggestion, Andrew? Amalgamation. Before it's too late.