Friday, 16 January 2009

Barack Obama and Conductive Education

Early days

Yesterday Conductive World made mention of Ronald Reagan, so it seems only right to mark the present lane-change in the United States in some way, with a topical story.

In memory of Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama has asked Americans to ‘create the change they wish to see’ by volunteering their time this coming Monday in service to their communities. The Huffington Post has asked its readers to write in to sharewith what they are going to do. One good soul has written: ‘I will spend the day writing a grant seeking funds to support conductive education for children with cerebral palsy’.

This is all that we can come up with and, yes, the connection is fairly tenuous. Still, it’s early days, mighty oaks and acorns etc. He couldn't be starting his Presidency with association with a finer cause. Let's hope that his advisers spot it!


Palevsky, M. (2008) Obama Service Program: blog your inauguration volunteer plans, The Huffington Post, 15 January

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